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Getting the Best Deal

The average person moves home every 5 years. We think you will agree that 5 years is a long time by any estimate. Along with divorce and the loss of ones job a house move is recognised as one of the most stressful events in peoples lives.

With all the other things that you have got to think about it may seem that contacting your existing lender is the best way to ensure that the mortgage is looked after. This is a common belief but one that could sometimes be very costly indeed.

All the major lenders have similar deals don’t they? Why search round to save a tiny percentage on the rate, it’s not worth it.

Well it is certainly true that searching round all the lenders could take time. With around 2500 mortgages on offer in the UK right now it’s a pretty daunting prospect for anyone.

How much does a “tiny” percentage save you ?

Well, if you had access to all the “deals” on offer from all lenders it is likely that you would find one that may save you around 0.25% on your current scheme, and with similar terms and conditions.

The national average mortgage is £107,000 (£300,000 in London) and for this amount, a rate rise of just 0.25% will result in homeowners paying an extra £22.30 each month. Not much money you might think, but over 5 years this will save you £1,100, now that’s worth thinking about.

How can Bond Financial Limited help you make these savings?

  • Research the full market making sure that you get the very best deal to suit your circumstances.
  • Ensure that your mortgage offer is ready and the funds available well before your transaction takes place.
  • Provide ongoing review of your position and recommending changes where we feel that you can make further future savings.

Bond Financial Limited have built up close working relationships with many top lenders which ensures that your mortgage is always treated as priority. We believe that the service we offer is second to none.

Why not contact Bond Financial Limited today for a free initial discussion of your requirements and look forward to a bigger saving on your next mortgage.

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